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Thread: Bodega 6-11

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    Re: Bodega 6-11

    I'm thinking that's the case in the Monterey Bay cuz the salmon fishing there has been pretty slow for most of the season. The first 2 weeks of the opener were good then it's been pretty silent on the reports since.

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    Re: Bodega 6-11

    Nice yacht, I guess, wonder where it was heading to?

    Good to hear you boys made a try for the salmon, not enough good weather days. Up in OR I guess the weather conditions have the salmon out pretty far in the ocean, like 20+ miles. Not sure if that's the case at Bodega too, but they'll come back eventually.

    Here they come!

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    Bodega 6-11

    I went to Flying J to meet Seon for a days fishing at Bodega, we had a weather window that would close on Thursday. When I made the turn to the parking area I saw this

    I though” did Seon replace the
    Reel Kahuna” LOL, I knew better. A beautiful toy!
    Anyway, Seon was topping off his fuel tanks, I put my stuff in his boat, and off to Suisun where we picked up Belden Bill, and friend Kevin, we then headed off to Bodega.
    We got there and found only one other trailer in the lot and a little breezy, but not to bad. Got the Reel Kahuna in the water and poked our head out around the brake water to find a little lumpy seas, but not to bad.
    Made our way to just south of the Whistle buoy and started our troll. We worked that area, and made a few moves south because of jelly fish.
    We fished hard until around 1730 for nada. We did hear of a few radio fish, but not much.
    The weather turned nice then as we were heading to the barn the swell got steeper and closer together.
    Still it was nice being on the big blue with friends and listing to some new jokes, and I didn’t have any fish to clean.
    Thanks again Bro!
    Retirement is just fun, just rippensomelips

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