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    Re: Mothball fleet sturgeon fishing 8/8

    Thanks for the report thinking about going out in the next week our two got to check tides have to get some grass shimp sounds like

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    Re: Mothball fleet sturgeon fishing 8/8

    At least you had action and a beautiful night fishing!!! Thanks for the report.
    Another day on the water.....what more can you ask for?

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    Mothball fleet sturgeon fishing 8/8

    Hit the mothball fleet yesterday evening for some summer sturgeon action, we headed out around 7 and fished a spot where we've marked fish before in 30-40' of water out by the mothball fleet. Got to our spot just as the sun was setting and with the dying of the wind it made for a beautiful evening. We used grass shrimp, eel, and anchovies and started the evening off with a couple small dogfish. We moved spots every hour or so, and an hour before high tide we started to get some action. Nibbles here and there until we got a take down on an eel/shrimp combo, and pulled in and released a fat 36 inch dino (so close!). Not quite there but a beauty of a fish. Minutes later my buddy got a huge hit on his eel/shrimp combo and set in on a fight with a good sized fish. 30 seconds later our excitement peaked then immediately fizzled when a 5-6 footer got airborne and spat the hook! Ouch! No other action after that, but all in all a great night on the water.
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