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    Re: Dad's 45 lb Salmon, catch of a lifetime...

    what a fish...

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    Re: Dad's 45 lb Salmon, catch of a lifetime...

    Just as good as the first time!!!

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    Dad's 45 lb Salmon, catch of a lifetime...

    Fishbucket and the rest of the story.

    [ Preface: This is a Story I wrote back in Oct 2007, of my Dad catching this fish. My Dad has since passed, Aug. 2014 I thought it was lost to the internet forever, But Sal found it. Thank you !]

    Here’s the rest of the Story….

    My Dad hadn’t been out fishing since he and I went to Clear Lake the summer of '2000 for Bass and Catfish.

    Mom and Dad had since moved up to Oregon, on the Alsea River about 4 yrs. ago. He had a birthday, and one of his buddies got him a new Salmon rod, Shimano reel and a tackle box with all the Salmon gear he’d need in hopes of Fishing the Oregon coast and the Alsea that’s 400 feet from his house !!.. It never happened.

    *Things get in the way, life needs living and other things need tending. I’d only made it up there a couple times myself, without getting a line wet.
    So here we are Sat. Oct 20th 2007.
    Mom and Dad are coming down to visit Doctors and are staying at my Sisters house in Antelope. *[ lightbulb ] *Lets take him out fishing ! *;) We get the pass to go. And i tell him, “Bring down that new rod and reel of yours” “we’re going to get it wet! “
    Friday Night… with much anticipation, I spool up some line on his rod. Yes, like I said… it’s new. *

    I’d been fishing the Lower Sacramento around Vieria's a few times already this season, And we know just how bad the season has been. I just fished it the last weekend. Gave up on the Salmon and went for the Smallmouth Bass instead. *So, I’d been telling them Friday night, ( My Dad, Joel. My brother-in-law, Bob. And my nephew, David ) that "we may get skunked ", just to keep us in check.

    Saturday *5am…excited.
    The Wives, made us breakfast burritos, packed us a lunch and sent us on our way at 6am.

    the Sandwiches were keepers !

    I don’t know this part of the Sacramento river. And I’d been scowering the *FishSniffer Website on where to launch, where the holes are and what gear to use.
    I finally decide on the Elkhorn Launch, its due west of the sisters’ house. And you can’t catch fish if you’re not in the water, and that was the fastest way to it.

    Paid the 10 bucks, got the boat in the water and ran the Fishbucket north to the first couple wingdams. I figured we’d anchor up and drop the gear, theres enough current to work some lure magic. And it’d be a little easier then trolling for me.

    I’d tossed everybody a rig. Something a lil different for each and hope to hit the right one on one of them. I think it had been a couple hours and haven't seen anything yet.
    Marked a couple fish, Saw one in the shallow water behind the weir, tailing across the surface. Boats trolling by. *Saw some “stars” on the side of a boat *(that’s tells you that the people in it frequent the FishSniffer website) So I hollered out asking who they were,
    Good to meet you Freon and Kneedeep!. You too Fishnphool ! *I’d seen lots of their posts on the forum, gleened lot of info from their writings. So, I figured they cant be all bad… even if they are smelly fisherman like myself..
    *They said, they had a couple hook-ups and were pointing north. [lightbulb]
    “lets reel up Guys and make a move”
    Ran up river, about half way to Verona. Kept checking the fishfinder for holes, looking for fish below. Got to a spot on the river bend that looked good and tried to anchor up out of the trolling lane. Nobody yelled or threw bottles at us so I figured we were ok there.

    Dropped the gear down, and about an hour goes by. “Hey Dad, you can try something else if you want, maybe something out of that brand new 4yr old tackle box”

    He agrees and pulls out a k14 kwikfish, chrome/chartreuse. Ties it on and sends it down. About half an hour goes by and he turns to look at his rod,

    Because, it’s making noise bouncing around in the holder !!

    * He gets the rod out. It’s about doubled over to the water. The drag is working. Line is quickly going out. “Clear the deck !” * “doing good Dad, keep the tip up.” *“it’s pulling hard” Dad says. “just keep pressure on him, don’t let it go slack”
    Now I’m noticing that is got about 100 ft of line out and it’s still going. *“David” pull the anchor, We’re going after it”. *As David is getting the anchor up. The fish comes to the surface, Bob says “ Holy ****”… I look at him and said “big huh? “...
    Anchors up, the kicker motor is running, we’re chasing it down. *Doing good. Keep it coming Dad.. “ My arms getting tired” He says. *“just keep the weight on it, doing good”
    As we get it closer it comes up and I say, [insert Jaws theme song] “We’re gonna to need a bigger net !” *

    I start looking around, trying to think of how were going to get the hog/toad/pig in the boat. *Just then a nice couple are going by with a larger net. (I hope I asked nicely) to use their net.
    You know, just like most of the fishermen I’ve met, it was a jump at the chance *to help another. *I didn’t get his name, he said he reads the Sniffer Forums. *THANK YOU !...

    He hands over his net, Dad is still hanging on, I lose control of the boat and the line *is coming around the back of the boat. Comes under the motor, " GASP!! " gets back out. Gets stuck under a gusset on the corner of the boat… oh NO !. thinking to myself "it's a gonner" as the line is getting skinned by the sharp edge... gets out of that… goes around under the front … " Double Gasp !! slides down the stored elec.trolling motor… then back out the other side… *Whew !.. it’s still with us… finally comes up one last time and nothing but net !

    Much Enjoyment *

    Get the Fish in the box, barely !

    Set back up in “our” spot… Freon and Crew are floating by *“how ya doing?” *
    “got one in the boat”
    And Dad lifts it up for a photo. *

    Now, I don’t have a radio. But I could imagine what happened next…

    About another hour goes by and we see the DFG survey crew coming up fast.. I can hear them slowing down.
    As they get closer, “How you guys doing?” they ask.

    “doing good”.
    “Got anything?”… yep one. *“Yeah, we heard about it!, mind if we get some measurements?”… not a prob.

    " Oh man ! his one is heavy ! "

    OH GEES !!... it pulled off the scale...

    " Quick! .. your gonna have to read it ! Hurry... I cant.. hold it ..much longer !! "

    Official weight : 45 lbs. *47 inches. *

    " here.. take this toad back"

    Thanks Guys.

    Not much more to say.... but.

    Love you DAD !

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