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    Re: Truck bed liners

    Since you have a shell on your truck forget the spray on and drop in liners. Unless you are hauling a lot of garbage, old greasy engines or other funky crap you don’t need or want those liners. I’ll suggest 2 options for you. First look into a BedRug bed liner. They are heavy duty custom fit for each truck. They cover the bed, sides of the bed and inside tailgate. There is padding under the part in the bottom of the bed , very easy on the knees when you crawl around in there. It is impervious to most chemicals and even oil and grease clean up perfectly. They ain’t cheap but worth every penny. I had them in my previous truck but went cheap on my current truck.
    Currently what I did is I took some thick carpet padding like used under your house carpeting and cut it to fit the bed of my truck. Then I got some outdoor carpeting in gray color and cut that to fit the bed and padding. I put Velcro on the padding and underside of the rug and fastened them together. It is very comfy on my knees when I’m back there. I sometimes sleep in the back of my truck and it’s quite comfortable and cozy. I can take them out and clean the padding and carpet separately. It cleans up quite well and is easy to clean. If it gets too dirty or stained I jet get a new piece of carpeting. The current one has been in my truck 6 years or so and still looks good. Cost for the carpet, padding and Velcro probably $50, maybe a little more or a little less.
    If you want super protection cause you are hauling heavy junk like old transmissions put a piece of plywood down first and then the padding and carpeting on top of the plywood.
    Finally if I’m hauling firewood or yard trimmings or something like that I cover the carpeting with a drop cloth. When you are done and have unloaded the truck, pull the drop cloth out and all the debris comes out and your carpet is nice and clean.
    My truck came with a drop in liner but I put the carpeting in for looks and comfort.
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    Re: Truck bed liners

    With the camper seems like a spray in might reduce the clearances so I agree with your thinking.
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    Truck bed liners

    I would like to get something to protect my truck bed and Iíve been considering a drop in liner. Iíve read that water can collect underneath them which is why many suggest a spray in. However, I have a camper shell on my truck, so is there any drawback to having a drop in? Also, sometimes I crawl into my truck bed and the hard metal kills my knees... Iím thinking a drop in would have maybe a little flex to cushion my knees vs a spray in. Iíve noticed some of the drop ins also have molded in slots for 2x4 dividers and stuff. I wonít be using it for heavy duty stuff, so for my situation I feel like maybe the spray in would be worse.
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