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    Re: Striper fishing at Sturgeon Bend in Manteca may 26

    I just signed up and replied 3 days ago, is this forum working?

    Edit to add:
    Guess so.

    I've been fishing downriver at Mossdale for a couple of weeks. I caught a 3 pound striped bass off the bank on Saturday on an anchovy. I've caught stripers there 5 trips in a row over the last two weeks!

    I just started fishing 3 weeks ago. My first 5 trips were dry but since then I've been averaging probably 17 inch stripers.

    Looks beautiful where you were at.
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    Striper fishing at Sturgeon Bend in Manteca may 26

    Went out early Saturday morning to try and catch some stripers on the Stanislaus River. the flow is up about a thousand cubic feet per second and the water is cold cold cold. My depth finder said 54 degrees. Launched at Two Rivers RV Park at about 4:30 in the morning and tried to find some shad. Couldn't find them in any great numbers to catch with the Dip Net. Started fishing just after Daybreak on the San Joaquin River just above the Confluence of the Stanislaus. Using anchovies and didn't get any bites at all. we didn't mark any fish on the finder so we headed down towards sturgeon Bend. we didn't see much on the fish finder going down of course when you're in 6ft water you're only scanning a small part of the river. We stopped and fished a couple of holes and didn't have any luck. Decided to go down by the pumps and when we went over the corner of sturgeon Bend there's a very deep hole and we marked about 6 fish right there. We continue to go down river and we fish for a while down there and didn't get any bites. We headed back up River to the corner of sturgeon Bend where the deep hole is and set up just above it. Water was screaming through there. I finally got a hit on the baitrunner and landed a 16-inch striper. my friend Christine had loosened up her drag so she can do her nails or something and I told her she was getting a bite as our line was screaming out. She grabbed her Pole Titan drag a little and fought a good battle with a striper and good current. Our bikes came at 8:30 in the morning and we only had two of them. We headed home around 10:30 or so. The link is of the striper that Christine caught. Have a good day

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