Anyone interested in fishing the challenge? Ive only fished the snagproof open in the past and would like to give this tourney a go. Im not an avid tournament angler at all, but like to fish at least one a year.
We would split entry, and fuel. I fish out of a 2006 Nitro that has a 55 gal tank, and launch out of Korths Pirates Lair Marina. Usually costs me around $195 or so to fill it up, and depending how much running we do, we could burn 55-75 gallons?
Few rules i have for my boat:
No drugs
No alcohol
No smoking
No *******s ( If youre friends, or other people think you can be one more often than not, please do not respond.)

You will be dropped off at the dock if any of these are broken.

please shoot me a pm if interested.

Thanks everyone!