Made a trip to Tomales Bay over the weekend with a couple of buddies. Fishing was tough. Wind picked up Saturday around noon, and Sunday even earlier. We (aka not me) broke off one halibut Saturday and the other buddy got one on Sunday. One boat had three on Saturday and another got a salmon out front. We (still not me) also hooked a Coho in the bay on a sabiki rig. Shook loose right at the boat, but it had a nice green tint and white mouth. Have caught several out in the ocean, but the first I've ever seen in the bay.

There was bait in the bay. 3" anchovies, smelt, sardines and even a mackerel. According to the folks at Lawson's, there was a lot more bait last week that moved out, which was hard to imagine because we marked and caught a bunch, although we had to put in some time doing it.

All in all, not a stellar trip, but it's amazing how much better one is than none. Highlight of the trip was watching all the life around. Elk all over the south side of the bay, raccoons on the beaches, seals hauled out on the sand bars, sealion trolling the boats hauling out for filleted carcasses, bait balls all over the place and pelicans diving constantly. I'm always amazed at how fertile that part of the ocean is. Fun to see.