Thanks for those suggestions. Went to Pardee Lake and had some good hits and boated a spotted. Didn't know the lake level had come down so quickly. Upon our return marina employees said no one was catching any bass or much of anything so we felt fortuante as we had a good time. I did see 2 very large bass as the water was extremely clear with visability in some ares of lake down to about 15-20 ft.

I'm going to head back out again before the weather cools off too much...Collins and New melones seem like good choices. I'm defnitely going to hit NM in the spring. For this time period I was thinking about Collins as its smaller to navigate with a small motor. Not much data I can find on fishing Collins for bass in October. Will the fish be seeking to feed in warmer shallows before the cool weather slows them down or is finding the shad schools and fishing at depth the key? Looks like there is also some decent channel cats in the lake and that may be fun too. Any advice on where to go and what to use for these two species groups at Collins? thanks!