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Hey retiredagain. Our rods are 9ft Shimano Scimitars we picked up at fishermanís warehouse - love that place! Yesterday we realized we canít go less than 5 mph with our I/o motor (4 cylinder, I guess it didnít like prolonged slow idle), so probably will need to think about a trolling motor in the future... In the meantime, we thought we might try anchoring to use the cut plugs with the current. Iím pretty sure thatís a thing?

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My recommendation on lowering your trolling speed: Amish trolling bags. Look that up. I bought my 18' Crestliner in March, equipped with a 150hp 4 stroke Mercury. No trolling motor. We got the boat as slow as 4 mpg, not slow enough. I didn't want to purchase and mount a trolling motor and I certainly wasn't going to drill holes in my new motor and mount a plate. So, I was recommended a pair of size 18" Amish trolling bags and they work amazingly well. I just attached them to the front left and right side cleat, just under the bow, well away from any trolling gear. We've since trolled for trout, stripers and salmon at speeds as low as 1.7 mph. Just a thought.