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    Re: Emerald Water, Chrome Trout…

    Hi all,

    Thought I’d follow this up with a Rollins report from today since I did pretty well (for me anyway).

    I got out trolling for about 3 hours this afternoon. The water is still clear and I was almost alone on the water. I dragged a silver/blue Cripplure behind a silver Sling Blade on a lead core rig at 20 to 25 feet deep and hooked 4 holdover Rainbows in the 16 inch range and one current planter. On the downrigger at 35 feet was a Watermalon flavor Sling Blade in front of a silver/blue speedy shiner. That setup netted me an 18 inch Brown.

    I found fish in both arms and all were within a healthy stones throw of the shore. Today they seemed to like a faster troll at about 2.5 mph.


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    Emerald Water, Chrome Trout…

    By Cal Kellogg Rain had fallen overnight and it was chilly. Both the air temperature and the water temperature hovered in the low 40’s. Fingers of fog snaked through the pines on the hillsides above the lake and the surface … Continued


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