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    Re: Carp Tourney June 23rd - So. Cal. hosted by Conway Bowman and Al Q

    Although it can be considered a sad commentary about the state of our fishing opportunities in the state, it's a great idea for a tournament. Double tough fish to get to take a fly and a good fighter on the right tackle. I hope they keep the carp. Give the details of how it turns out and thanks for posting it. The One Surf Fly Beach Contest sounds interesting too.

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    Carp Tourney June 23rd - So. Cal. hosted by Conway Bowman and Al Q

    I wish to share with the Fish Sniffer community word of the 2012 Lake Henshaw Warm Water Throw Down
    taking place June 23rd here in So Cal. This fly fishing tournament is being hosted by Conway Bowman; current host of Flyfishing the World and all around fly fishing hotshot and Al Quattrocchi; originator of the One Surf Fly Beach Classic. The quarry? Carp! Registration is open in two divisions: Two-Man Boat Teams and Solo Waders. Time to rally around this fish in the spirit of fun and fly!

    Official Site: Carp Fly Fishing : Carp Throwdown Tournament : Lake Henshaw June 23, 2012
    Press Release:

    Posted by Bernard aka LARiver

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