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    Re: Crazy sturgeon tales?

    Have had a few through the years,..once i was fishing stripers solo on the sac.,above grimes.I got to the hole late and anchored above a guy in the sweet spot,.. a short time passed,..they hooked into a apparent dino and lost it,.. a short time later they netted a keeper striper, and left,i figured it was their limit fish.
    I pulled anchor and positioned the boat just above the spot, its a long hole 16-18' that comes up to 12',...we have caught alot of fish out of there through the years.
    I put on a fresh butter-flied anchovie and tossed it out,...checked it to assure it was tight on the bottom and set it in the balancer.As i'm wrapping another bait on a pre tied leader,...i see the rod do a soft, slow pull down,..then it comes up...i said "crap" to myself, as i know what this is,i glance at my watch,...about 15 seconds later,the rod slowly pulls down again,..flatline tightline,..i grab it and come-up swinging.The hook hit's home and it's on,..at hookset the fish turns and heads southbound,..its like i'm hooked onto the back of a truck...the line is burning off the 6500c,..i pull the classic put your thumb on the spool trick, and come up with a blister the size of a nickle,..i reach around the center console, fire up the motor,..run up to the bow and throw the anchor line and float over.
    I hit reverse and start to give chase,..i'm seeing the black spool coming up,..the fish starts to slow down, and i start putting some of the 20# big game back on,..i get over the top of the fish, and put some load on him.I'm about 300 yds. down stream of my anchor, and now he decides to head up stream,..i stay straight over him and follow,..not much else a guy can do.
    As i'm leaning into this thing about 40 minutes later, a boat comes by, slows and pulls in close,..ask if i need help,..he's headed north so i ask him to keep a eye out for one of my buddies fishing upstream, and tell him where i'm at, and to come down.
    The fish moves over into the sand bar area,..it's been about a hour now, the guy comes downstream and hollers over that he didn't see a old blue barge of my description,..i say thanks and he says good luck, and leaves.
    I'm only in 6-7 ft. of water, and the fish starts to blow bubbles,it's been a hour and 20 minutes now,..i figure he's about to give-up and roll over,..wrong,..he makes another run, and i give chase he peels another 75 yds. of line,.and is almost to my anchor.As i'm following, gaining line back, i feel line rubbing against something,..he had my line under a snag,..i went back and forth,..backed off, and still couldn't get it free,the line finally failed and we parted ways,..i looked at my watch,...1 hr. 40 minutes...i wish i could of just seen him once.

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    Re: Crazy sturgeon tales?

    Last year my big sis hooked up to her very first Dino while fishing for giant catfish in the back sloughs..my nephews were making fun of her cause she would only cast out 5-10ft. In front of us..45 into fishing we were tearing up the cat fish, about 1 fish 5mins give or take..my big sis was missing most of her hook set N only catching small channel cats..my nephews were smack talking about her short cast N that she can only catch small fish, after all the smack talking she gets this weird rapid hit on her pole like something is just yanking on her bait..she sets the hook N then says "it's stuck"..the boys R cracking up, laughing, smack talking , N pointing fingers..then she says " why is my line moving".. Then I realize that she had hooked up to a monster..I told her set the hook again N hang on..long story short she fought the fish for 30 mins by her self N we manage to help her land her very first Dino..it measured 75 in.she quoted "Who's laughing now" ..

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    Re: Crazy sturgeon tales?

    Here’s my add to this thread. I’ve been dino fishing for about 2 years. My story takes place on a Friday night in December of 2011. A week before my brother in law from Sacramento called me and said the action in Knights Landing had been pretty good. From my place to Knights Landing is about a good 2.5 hours drive. I think I was suffering from dino fever because I requested to leave work early that day and make the long trek up. Anyways, I got there around 7pm. An hour into it, I saw my rod doing the classic pump dance. I ran to my pole and pulled back hard as I could. For some reason my bail opened up when I went to set the hook. I had no idea why it did that. I guess it was because line was somewhere in the middle and not at the beginning of the bail. Needless to say I miss that opportunity. We didn’t have another bite for another 3 hours. At around 11pm or so I get another pump on my rod. I ran to it as fast as I could and set the hook again. Another fail. I totally swung and miss. By this time I was pretty much down on myself. Two chances and I blew it. I was ready to call it quits but my bro in law wanted to stay because he hadn’t had a bite all night. Another 3 or 4 hours passed. By now it was like 3 in the morning. It was freezing cold and I was getting very sleepy. As I was starting to nod off I saw another pump. This time I didn’t miss. I guess the third time’s the charm. My reel was screaming from the get go. I had to tighten the drag a little. We battled back and forth for about 20 minutes. But it seemed like forever. I saw the monster jumped a couple of time as I got him closer. Then with the beast about 5 feet away all of a sudden my line went limp. My 80lb braided line had snapped. I must’ve set the drag too tight or something. I cursed so loud I think anyone who was about a mile away could hear me. I went home empty handed in the morning. That was my best dino outing to date. Three bites in one outing. What are the chances of that happening to someone? It’s also the last time I got to battle a dino. I don’t know how long the fish was but my bro in law who’s an avid sturgeon fisherman estimated it to be about 80 inches. That drive home sure was a VERY LONG 2.5 hours drive home.
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    Re: Crazy sturgeon tales?

    A good buddy of mine hooked an oversized fish about 10 years ago near Hood Franklin in the winter with the water running very high. He was in another friends boat about 6ft from shore using 12 oz weights and heavy sturgeon gear....when the fish was hooked it took off without stopping and before they could pull anchor the fish had spooled him! He said he turned the star drag a full 2 revolutions to slow down the fish.... and it didn't even change the sound!!


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    Re: Crazy sturgeon tales?

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Martinez View Post
    That was great....makes me want too call in tommro and go back out! How big do you think she was?
    I wish I get a glimpse of that monster, sadly didn't see a swirl or a giant leap out of the surface. If I was to estimate that monster, I'm sure she's pushing to a point of 1,000lbs or more. The reason I said that because, there are a few fish I've landed & release that are about 400-500lbs from my estimation. And these 400-500lbs monsters have incredible girth, about the same girth as a 55 gallon bucket, maybe a little more. I've even seen a bigger fish that is estimated to be 600lbs or so from an online calculate regarding sturgeon's girth and length, all caught on the bank. Now this one...I don't know what to make out of it.
    There are former members on this board that caught a monster in the thousand pounds range, drag his boat all over the delta and took hours(I don't know how long exactly, it's been years) to get that momma to the side of the boat(he even have pictures - I believe they are no longer on this board). These are catches of a life time, some may never even get a chance to experience it. But I'm hoping one day, I will catch the same size fish or perhaps the same fish, only this time, I'm going to be on a boat!!! LOL.
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    Re: Crazy sturgeon tales?

    About 15 years ago I was working for a company off Richards Blvd and had been packing my gear in my truck for a couple weeks hoping to get off work early to hit the river for some striper fishing. I finally got an early friday so headed to the Sac on the west side just across from Discovery Park. There is a nice beach down there that was a bout 1/2mile hike from parking that I had seen guys fishing in the past. I got down there about an hour or so before dusk and tossed out my line for a long period of nothing. About 8 PM this elderly gentlemen came down the path and set up about 20yrs down river from me. He had a heavy boat rod with an old Penn reel and about 70lb mono on it. I watch in curiosity as I had just a med heavy spinning rod with 12lb. He rigged up with a HUGE hook and filleted half a sardine onto the thing with about 10oz of weight. I was thinking this guys "nuts". He proceeded to lean the rod against a log with just the clicker on

    As the evening passed we chatted a bit of small talk and he said he's been fishing that beach for years. Perhaps he knew something I didnt. Suddenly, his clicker began screaming and you'd have thought by how fast this guy got to the rod he was Hussain Bolt. He starts pumping the rod and tighning the drag as line just keep peeling off down river. My first thought was he got a log drifting by. Suddenly the line goes slack and he's reeling like a mad man to get it in, cussing up a storm. The as quick as it went slack, it starts peeling line again, this time headed up river. This is no log. As the line continues coming off the guy yells at me to give him a hand. When I get over to him he asks me to pour some water on the reel because its getting too hot. I quickly grabbbed a cup and dipped it in the river. When I got over to the poor guy he has hunkered down in the sand, on his butt with his heels dug in. I could just picture the poor old guy holding that rod all the way in the river not giving up. Nothing he could do was even slowing this beast in the slightest. After a good 10min or so he starts cussing even more as he's now trying to remember if his line was tied to the spool or not and how quick he could cut it if need be.

    Then suddenly, the line just stopped with dead weight on the other end. This guy gets up and starts walking back up the beach with the rod on his shoulder dragging in whatever he had on the other end. He'd get to the top of the beach, start reeling and running toward the water. He did this 5-6 times gaining ground with every march and no resistance, just dead weight. He finally got the fish where we though it was close and he'd be able to drag it onto shore when we heard the water start swirling in front of us and his sinker came flying back put way. No SNAP, no POP, just gone!! Upon checking things out he found all he had at the end of his leader was the shank of the broken hook. The old gut proceeded to pack up his gear, say "thank you for the help but I guess it was the fishes lucky night" as he headed home.


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    Re: Crazy sturgeon tales?


    It has been a while since this happened, but it is still fresh in my mind.

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    Crazy sturgeon tales?

    That's an awesome story right there seemed like you were well prepared to do battle. But the Dino came packing his own guns lol I love when some people say you got way more than you need in your equipment for that fish. My uncle has a few good stories about his Dino catches & losses. 35 yrs hunting them I will ask if he's got a good one to share

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    Re: Crazy sturgeon tales?

    That was great....makes me want too call in tommro and go back out! How big do you think she was?

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    Re: Crazy sturgeon tales?

    I have a tale, well...more like a true story that I experienced in my life time, now I am a true believer of these stories. And here is how it got started. On January 7th of 2007, me and my older brother went out in the morning for a sturgeon hunt approximately 05:45. It was dark, foggy, icy, that unbearable early morning sting of the cold. The week before, we just had a nice rain storm moved through the area. The river had just risen up about a foot or two, the water is yellowish light chocolate milk coloration(the perfect condition for sturgeon - no one knows why either). So we fished and fished, cast after cast, the start of incoming tide had just started to move in. It is now approximately 11:15 with the sun starting to come out from the clouds and shines through the fog with a great warmth feeling. And is now slack tide...
    I saw a glimpse from the corner of my eye, my rod gave a nice pump twice and it stopped. I ran to pole getting ready to set the hook, sat and wait there for 5 minutes, nothing - I lost hope maybe it didn't liked what I offered. Went and sat back on a higher elevation bathing in the sun, as I turned around and looked down at my rod(approximately 10 yards), it starting bouncing and hopping like a little child tugging on the end of my line. I ran to the rod and set the hook! FISH ON!!!
    There I was, my heart pumping and full of adrenaline. I backed out my drag, and start doing the classic pump and reel motion on this dinosaur. It felt like maybe a 50" slot limit fish, there is no line pulled from my drag yet, so I got discouraged and thought to myself, maybe it's an undersize. As I keep pumping the fish, it came near the bank, precisely about 8-12 yards from the shoreline. All of a sudden, dead weight sets in with absolutely no movement at all. And I had all kinds of numbers and words running through my mind as my heart sinks in, and yelled..."f##$%$!!!" At the moment, the only thing that I can think of is that the fish had hung up on a rock. I tried to work around to free the fish with no success, so I tried my last option thinking maybe the fish decided to hug the bottom like a log. So I gave it a few jerk motion, about 5-7 times. Didn't move, so then I pop the rod like I would on a large top water plug a few times. And the line went slack, I knew the fish got up so I reeled in about 5 yards of slack...
    Off goes the dinosaur, the usual run following along the drop off of the bank heading upstream. This fish is running fast! I tighten my drag 4/6 of the way in, and I thought maybe the fish will give up soon enough. About 5 minutes later, I was halfway down into my spool! So I tighten it even more at 5/6 of the drag power, it still did not slow down the fish at all. At this point, the fish has taken about 180 yards out of my spool and I chased it down along the bank to last bank spot @ approximately 50 yards. I tried to cup my spool, but I wasn't able to turn the fish around or even put a dent into slowing it down. Now I maxed out my drag, my rod double over, and my reel is starting to get real hot(my older brother poured the icy cold water from the river on the reel). And yet the fish still takes off like a freight train. At this situation, I am now sitting on a large rock, sticking the butt end of my rod into an opening gap in the rock and use it as my leverage(if not, the fish would take me in). Another 3 minutes down the road, it seems like it's been an whole hour already. I start seeing the bottom of my spool with mono backing to keep my braid from slipping on the spool. I decide to let it run a little bit more, maybe 280-290 yards out of my spool at the moment. It seems like either I break him off or he's going to take me in with him. So I cup my spool once more with all the strength I have left in me, and point my rod straight at the fish and I felt a vibration from my line went - "cluck!" and I fell back over the rock onto my back.
    My heart sinks in, my legs and arms were shaking, as much rock there is, I felt no pain on my back as my adrenaline is so high at the moment. I've never had that much adrenaline in my life before. Using 100lbs test Power Pro brand new freshly spooled, 90# coated wire leader with 7/0 Owner Hook. I clearly underestimated them that day, to find my hook straighten out with my 12 oz sinker gone from my slider. My older brother was shocked, the fisherman on the other bank spot was shocked, and I myself was shocked. All the guides on my rod(12' Ugly Stick) were pointing towards the tip of my rod and my reel(BG90) is releasing heats/smokes from the top of the drag. I've had dinosaur landed well over 100" just by the naked eye of a person. But this fish tops off all of my list - the once legend from old folks, is no longer a legend or just another fisherman's story to me. This happened all in under 12 minutes, didn't receive an inch of line back on the spool after the 1st run...Believe it or not, I leave this all up to you other folks...tight lines all and don't underestimate em'!
    "People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell


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