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    Re: is lowrance structure scan overkill??

    In my experience fishing Suisun Bay, your eyeballs, the chart and a simple fish finder are all you need to find sturgeon. They go up onto the flats on the flood and drop off as the tide goes out. They show most when the tide is running and when they do, anchor up a hundred yards DOWN current and in line with where they showed, put your bait out and wait. We've caught fish in 4' of water doing this and are always on the ragged edge of getting stranded on the flats till the tide comes back in.
    They back down facing into the current so if you get up current from where they showed they are actually moving away from you all the time. Pay attention to the little channel depressions that you can see on a minus tide, remember where they are and anchor at their mouth where they drop off into the deep channels when you see fish show on the flats up slope from those "slots" on the flood and just wait during the outgo. You'll sometimes get bump "bites" with nothing there when you set the hook because the fish hits your line as it moves past it. They have to pass it and then come back to it.
    Just be observant and you'll get on all the fish you want. It's a lot like golf in that you can't buy a good game just by getting more expensive equipment. Success comes with practice and observation.

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    Re: is lowrance structure scan overkill??

    you get out there slough?? Man truthfully I am conflicted but am thinking about ordering the dragonfly from gil I talked to him and he helped simplify things a ton.

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    Re: is lowrance structure scan overkill??

    My best advice would be to call gill from airmar transducers and chat with him. Have heard from multiple guys that he is the neurosurgeon of fish finders. The guy knows his stuff and would shot you straight regardless of wether you wanted to purchase something from him or not.

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    Re: is lowrance structure scan overkill??

    Quote Originally Posted by Crifasinator View Post
    Hey all,
    I'm considering getting a new unit and man do the new lowrance(Elite 7 Hdi, Hds5 &7 gen2) units look awesome So i have a couple questions I could use some help with. I primarily target sturgeon out of Martinez.
    1. Are any of you guys using these units for what I intend? How does it compare?
    2. Can you help simplify what specifically I should be looking at equipment/ package wise?
    3. What can i really expect cost wise for the whole kit and caboodle?

    Thanks in advance. I love having all of your collective knowledge at my fingertips.
    Just got the Elite 7 HDI 50/200 and 455/800 with the gold navionics card for 781.00 total, delivered to the house. I fish mainly Suisun and Grizzly bay for sturgeon and had the unit on the water for first time last weekend. Kinda messed up with placement of the transducer and had to lower it down when I got home. I'll let you know how it works Saturday evening. The downscan does mark fish on the bottom also,. Sean

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    Re: is lowrance structure scan overkill??

    No, don't have the structure scan, have the HDS 5 first generation and am impressed with it. The Gen2 units apparently have a more powerful processor, not sure if you would see a noticeable difference but hey more power is always good. I can add the structure scan by buying the module and transducer separate and plugging it in, like the idea you can enter the HDS at a reasonable price and then later you can expand your unit with the structure scan which also gives you the down imaging.

    I don't think I would spend the money on structure scan for the HDS 5 because of the small screen size, the HDS 8 or larger would be great for it.

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    Re: is lowrance structure scan overkill??

    thanks for all the input guys. This is my first boat and am new to the electronics as well as other aspects of boating/being a captain. I know what I want to do is go out and catch sturgeon and could do it just fine with the older units already on the boat. all the choices and the different tech out there is amazing. I am a father with a young family and a painter so my pockets are not very deep. It really isn't that hard to mark sturgeon on the bottom. I had watched some of the video about the side scanning and thought that might be neat because it seems like here the sturgeon kind of travel in a specific line like a road. just thinking it would be more efficient to identify where that is you know.

    Skipjack what specifically is it you like about the furuno units?

    Shasta steve I have seen that video it looks like an underwater camera. where can you look at/ get one? west marine in Pleasant hill said they couldn't even get one to display?

    Dabalone so is yours just running broadband sonar now? from what i read you don't get the downscan till you add the structure scan?

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    Re: is lowrance structure scan overkill??

    Not sure just how well this would work for sturgeon but if I were looking for a fishfinder again I would look long and hard at this unit. Sonar GPS | Raymarine Dragonfly in Action

    For all it is supposed to do they are selling it for a great price. I know the guy who sold me my Furuno was very excited about it and said it seems to be an excellent unit but I guess time will tell. He was not that excited about the new Furuno CHIRP unit. From what I have read most units in the future will probably have CHIRP technology.
    Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
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    Re: is lowrance structure scan overkill??

    Quote Originally Posted by Crifasinator View Post
    Hey Pdgs so being I'm chasing sturgeon and really am looking for them on the bottom would it serve the same effect? I am thinking to determine if they are traveling a specific line/depth contour?
    I not a sturgeon chaser but I've seen some pretty big cats stirring up the bottom up a lake sonoma under the bridge. The clarity is truly amazing.

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    Re: is lowrance structure scan overkill??

    I am far from being an expert but I really love my Furuno 627. I bought it mainly because I thought it would be good for Kokanee fishing but I find it works really well in the Delta too. It has good bottom discrimination and it is pretty easy to see fish hanging right out on the bottom. I have the 525 600w transducer with the 45/11 degree cone. The 45 degree gives plenty of coverage even in shallow water.

    Most people I know have the Furuno 585/587. They are great but I wonder just how well they would do in shallow water because most of the transducer cones are really narrow. You could always use the 525 600w transducer but you would lose some of the advantage of the 1000w 587.

    That being said I have seen some really nice Lowrance units on guide boats lately. They seem like they work great. If I was just going to fish the Delta I would have to look hard at one of them. My Furuno is great but it is a stand alone unit and by the time I bought a GPS and a cable to connect them together,I have about $13-1400 in everything. And my unit is the cheap model.
    Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
    _Benjamin Franklin

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    Re: is lowrance structure scan overkill??

    Quote Originally Posted by Skipjacker707 View Post
    Sorry dabalone but I couldn't disagree with you more buddy.. Overkill doesn't equal something you can't afford... I had no problem being able purchase the unit I just found that for targeting sturgeon it wasn't a make or break deal on finding the fish or areas to succeed in. And yes If I were to do it again I wouldn't buy a lowrance.. Furuno with a airmar transducer is night and day from what I have seen firsthand.
    No need to be sorry, just different ways to look at something that is not black and white fact based. Just opinions. As far as comparing products its always best to compare competing products in the same price range and have the same functions. I also agree Furuno is great sonar and what I always used in the ocean.



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