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    Re: tieing a double-hook setup

    Try this:

    Fishing Hook Knot Tying - strongest fishing knots

    Snelling is a very simple method of fishing hook knot tying and the snell knot is the strongest of all saltwater fishing hook knots.

    Tying fishing hooks

    First pass the trace through the eye of the hook from the front of the hook. Only pass it through about half an inch.
    Hold the shank of the hook and the half inch tab end and wrap the trace around both the shank of the hook and the tab end 7 or 8 turns.
    Pass the trace back down through the eye of the hook from the back of the hook.
    Pull the trace tight while holding the hook to set the snell.
    There should be very little or no tag end protruding when the knot is set.
    If the hook curls up towards the trace you have snelled the hook correctly. We believe that snelling a hook like this makes the trace act as a spring and improves the hook up rate and also prevents the fish from throwing the hook

    How to Tie a Two Hook Pilchard Rig

    Once you have perfected snelling a hook, it is very simple to make up a two hook trace.

    Simply snell the first hook on, then pass the end of the trace through the back of the second hook and you're ready to snell the second hook on.

    Set the distance between the hooks at about two thirds of the length of the bait fish you intend to use before snelling the second hook.

    When tying a two hook pilchard rig, we have found that keeping the hooks in line further improves both your catch rate and the ability of the rig to hold soft baits or live baits.
    If using whole fish baits, put one hook through the head and the other hook through the body behind the gut cavity and make sure the second hook goes around the spine of the bait fish.

    The head of the bait should be on the bottom hook.

    Screaming Reels,


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    Re: tieing a double-hook setup

    Similar to that, only a 7/0 as the main and a 5/0 or some such as the second. Good idea on the leftover snell tag. Just seems like a good idea when a sturgeon sucks up the bait, then when you set hook there is a "back-up" hook just in case the first misses. Would need to be strong enough to hold Mr. Sturg, though.

    I just thought of something; I'm looking for a way to make a rig like the "boa" rigs by Owner(found in Cabelas). The trouble with theses rigs is that the # test for leader is too weak for sturgeon IMO. Something like 40#.

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    Re: tieing a double-hook setup

    Like this: ?

    We use these rigs for halibut.

    I use a snell knot and leave the "tag" longer and tie the bottom hook any way you like.


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    Re: tieing a double-hook setup

    I dont use it for sturgeon, but for stripers I use a palamar or an improved clench, but that is because I am not good at tying a snell.Otherwise I would use that ;D

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    tieing a double-hook setup

    I've seen double hooks where one hook is directly tied to the leader and another is set almost like a "stinger" trailing behind it. Not the traditional double hook that you see on wire leaders. This make sense?
    Trouble is, I cannot figure out how to tie them together! Ideas?


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