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    New to this board

    Welcome to the fun!

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    Always wishin I was fishin!

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    Re: New to this board

    Welcome aboard! Since I dont have a radio in boat yet I cant tell you what channal but I do respond to smoke signals.


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    Re: New to this board

    Welcome Steve,most people use channel 69 on lakes,68 for the delta,but this is a rule that's not set in stone,many friends will use other channels that are prearranged to keep lurkers out of their conversation an not give away any really good info,most of what you hear on the open channels is just BS chatter or spoken in code!!Sorry.........OMG!!!

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    Re: New to this board

    Welcome to the boards - yes 68 or 69 are the channels - mostly 69

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    Re: New to this board

    Welcome to the boards Steve d! I believe most are on channel 68 or 69 but don't quote me on that. I look forward to reading your reports.

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    New to this board

    New to this board and been out of action for awhile. Live in Ione and love to troll for bows and kokes. Ready to get back in the game and hope to share good and not so good trips. Look forward to meeting members on the water. Any particular channels that are used when on the lakes to say hello?


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