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    Re: Silver and Caples ice fishin

    Cool, thanks. I am gonna get snowshoes someday but at least I won't NEED 'em.


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    Re: Silver and Caples ice fishin

    No, you don't need snow shoes but it would probably make it a lot easier to get around but you definitely need waterproof warm shoes.

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    Re: Silver and Caples ice fishin

    Did you need snowshoes to get around? I want to do some ice fishing but I have never been in California. I would be going to Silver.

    Good to hear you caught a few at least,


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    Re: Silver and Caples ice fishin

    Yea that was me in the 4 runner we would of stayed longer but the 3 others ran out of wild tirky

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    Re: Silver and Caples ice fishin

    Were you the group of four leaving when we got there? The fluffy white stuff was comin down pretty heavy in the evening at least two inches of fresh powder was on the truck before we left.

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    Re: Silver and Caples ice fishin

    How much did it snow on you guys after we left? Good to hear you didn't get skunked!

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    Re: Silver and Caples ice fishin

    Brave to take on the ice, we got into alot of snow on the way back from the ISE show (mostly on the Nevada side). Any fish is a plus glad you were able to get into some........Jetspray
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    Silver and Caples ice fishin

    I hit Silver lake first this morning loaded up the sled and took a long walk drilling many holes along the way, only two bites for all my effort and nothing landed. About 1230 head over to Caples lake at the dam and make a much shorter walk talked with a group of four on the way down that said they only caught two for their efforts. fished about three hours with a friend and ended up getting three fish, definitely not the day I expected but at least not a skunk good luck out there this weekend guys!!!



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