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    Re: Banking it at Turlock With a First Timer

    Great job Kev, picking up trash and hooking up some friends.
    A bad fisherman will leave trash and take fish.
    A good fisherman will leave fish and take trash.

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    Re: Banking it at Turlock With a First Timer

    great teaching bk!! Nothing better than hooking another sucker into our addiction


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    Banking it at Turlock With a First Timer

    A buddy and I took his boys and a friend of theirs out to Turlock to kill some time before football. The friend had just gotten his first fishing license and was on his first fishing trip. It was our mission to get him into some fish. After some coaching and some friendly smack talk...BAM...first ever fish on! After getting him to slow down and not try to rip the hook out of its mouth, he landed his first fish ever. He was stoked! After about 10 minutes, we hear from down the bank, "damn guys I can't stop smiling". We told him it's perfectly legal to talk smack to your buddies that get skunked. To top it off, as we are packing up, we pick up our trash and he picks some up that wasn't ours, then at the truck says we have to do this all the time. I think we crated a lifer!



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