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Thread: Caples 1/12/13

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    Re: Caples 1/12/13

    Looks like a postcard day on the ice. Did you guys try salmon eggs? Sorry about the slow day, they'll pick up soon enough. If you guys decide to do more ice fishing, buy yourselves one of those cheap plastic sleds. you can stow your gear in it and pull it around behind you.
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    Re: Caples 1/12/13

    Great stuff gents, anytime you don't fall through ice is a good trip
    A bad fisherman will leave trash and take fish.
    A good fisherman will leave fish and take trash.

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    Re: Caples 1/12/13

    Congratulations for having a great time on your first ice fishing trip. And guys, don't worry about the mutt. Truth is, the handle was cracked and it was no longer up to heavy work and thus expendable...

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    Caples 1/12/13

    Great report and pics. Best part, got your first ice fishing and a pic to prove it


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    Re: Caples 1/12/13

    Very good Kevin. Those are wonderful pictures and you got some fish. Can't beat that. It's cold all over the east side but you can't let this stop you. Back to Pyramid for me next week.

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    Re: Caples 1/12/13

    Thanks for driving me home Kev! That Bushmills had gone to my head just enough to where I probably shouldn't drive on icy roads.
    Boy it was sure cold when we arrived in the morning. Forgot my gloves and sunglasses; big mistake. Went to Kirkwood and overpayed for some replacements....totally necessary BTW. My hands would've frozen solid quick. Couldn't use crawlers in the morning, they froze solid before you could get them into the water. The snot in my nose and the water in my eyes started to freeze as well.
    Wish I could've gotten into some fish, but this was definitely a learning experience. Until next year.

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    Caples 1/12/13

    Well I’ve been wanting to go ice fishing and today all the stars aligned, arrived at Bainters at 5:31 loaded up the gear and we were off. Arrived at Caples packed all the gear down to the lake and I began my search. It had snowed a bit in the last few days so the old holes were hard to find but it didnt take me that long to find one. Cleaned it out rigged up the pole and started fishing. Bainter had to run to kirkwood because he forgot his gloves, and while he was gone I got my first ever icefish A little planter! Wouldnt even have taken a picture but its the only way to prove it!!

    Over the next few hours all was quiet in my holes, Bainter was getting hits on his green rubber worm and also a few nibbles on the shrimp, but they wouldnt connect. Finally I threw on the good old nightcrawler and pulled up a cookie cutter brookie, about 10-12 inch. We decided to give up on this spot, (take note of the tan handle sticking in the snow, thats a Mutt, used for breaking through the ice)

    We worked our way out to the little rock island in the middle of the lake, if I could take that decision back I sure would, for multiple reasons.
    Reason 1.BornToScout would still have his Mutt that I borrowed (oh yea bainter wants to know where he can get you a replacement,)
    Reason 2. I wouldn’t of had to walk so far to get my license when the warden showed up.
    Reason 3. We didnt get a single bite while out there, the whole time watching a group catch 7 or 8 little bows 10ft from where we just were!

    Not great fishing, but thats not the only reason we go, luckily. The scenery was amazing when I took the time to stop staring at my pole to enjoy it! BBQ venison/pork burgers in the middle of an iced over caples doesnt suck! It was cold, nothing compared to Pyramid last weekend, but still a little chilly.

    In this picture that is Bainter hiking east across the lake, the two groups out in the middle caught 1 fish that we saw. If you look closely you can barley see a dark spot in the front left, thats where you want to fish! (If you want little planters, or maybe the big ones too, I dont know where there at)
    Ok heres what I learned in my maiden ice fishing voyage.

    When standing on ice and snow the cold cuts right through your boots.
    Further out is not necessarily better
    Always hold onto the Mutt
    Supposedly clearing a large area of snow off the ice will let in light and attract fish (Learned that one on the way out)
    Meal worms may be something worth bringing next time
    Keep your fishing license on you
    Drive extra slow when its icy out
    Dont set your drink down, it will freeze! (unless its got enough bushmills)

    One last shot for ya

    Thanks for bringing me along Bainter even though all I do is talk S#%T,


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