Headed out to Folsom Sunday morning and braved the cold. I've never had too much luck there, but it being so close I decided it was time to put some effort in, and see if I can figure the place out. We were having problems with the depth finder, so we really weren't able to learn much as far as depths and where fish were holding, so we kinda flew blind. Definately need that to learn a newish lake.

Headed out of Folsom Point at 8 am in the balmy 27 degree weather. Started trolling outside the mouth and headed east torward the south fork. 30 minutes later caught a spunky 15" rainbow that flew out of the water 3-4 times. Nickle Bikini needlefish behind a dodger.Folsom trout.JPG

Caught one right away, so thought it was going to be a good day. No more fish after that though. Had a couple of bites as the morning progressed, but no takers. Did manage to have one of the water fowl take the same needlefish. Not sure what kind of bird, but it's the white bird that dives under water to eat. This one dove under and took my lure. Had it on for 5 minutes trying to figure out how to save the setup and not hurt the bird. Fortunately he was able to free himself when I gave him slack.

Well I'll be back with a working depth finder to try to figure this place out. Hopefully it'll be a little warmer next time.