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    Re: Bon Tempe 1.26.13 Report

    I love Bon Tempe. Every time I've been there (I go there quite a bit since it's so close to where I live) it seems like a bite or two here or there and then bam, the bite is on. Last time I was there about 2 weeks ago, my buddy and I had 1 fish between us for the first 2 hours and then within half an hour we had 7 combined. Even if the fish aren't biting, at least you can enjoy the scenery. Better than "combat" fishing at some places and hearing the roar of the freeway right beside you.

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    Re: Bon Tempe 1.26.13 Report

    yeah, on a quiet day up there, you can almost forget your in the middle of civilization. from many vantage points it seems like your in the wilds. its gotta be 15 years at least since ive fished up there

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    Re: Bon Tempe 1.26.13 Report

    I was up there Saturday as well, and that's way bigger than the one I caught!!! I'll post a report and my inadequate picture when I get off work.

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    Re: Bon Tempe 1.26.13 Report


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    Bon Tempe 1.26.13 Report

    Hello guys. Went out again to Bon Tempe seeing the annual pass is up on 01.31.13.

    We arrived to the lake at 11 am. It looked like a nice day...if you were inside your car that is. haha. As you hike up the hill, the wind was howling big time. So first location I thought, lets go to the Shaddy side to get some protection from the wind. Stayed there for 30 minutes until she couldn't hand the cold anymore. Didn't get a bite or can't tell as the rod was swaying. Cold + Wind (gusting of 35 mph) is not fun so we packed up and hiked another 20 minutes to the other side where its sunny at least.

    Got to the area and setup. Oh man the wind gust and sustain wind was horrible. It was fierce!! It blew my hat off making me go chase it. Lucky I was able to. I didn't want to see a 50 dollar Simms waterproof hat going sailing in the wind. haha.

    Tried worms, pb, micetail, pinched crawler, KM, various lures and was able to land 2 and kept one.

    One was caught on a green pinched crawler and the other one was on a silver/blue KM.

    The wind was so bad that using lure was pointless as the lure stayed on top and skimming the surface. I had to wait at least 30 sec to begin the retrieve.

    We left at 4 as we couldn't take the wind anymore. Surprised we stayed out that long.

    I took a few pictures and will upload later on tonight.



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