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    Re: Beardsley and Pinecrest DOA

    Hey Doug - you're right, it was a nice drive. I took my daughter up to Twain Harte to visit her grandmother for the day and since I always have my gear in my truck, I ran over to Pinecrest thinking I might get lucky. And of course the turn-off for Beardsley is only a few miles down the road so I checked it out too. Still trying to get back to Cherry lake while the getting is good. Maybe this coming weekend, I think the weather is going to be nice/stable. As for my "killer pics", I appreciate the compliment, didn't have my camera with me and I've photographed so much wildlife in the past that I don't bother anymore unless I see some "monster bucks", maybe a bear, etc. Hit me up if want to connect sometime.

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    Re: Beardsley and Pinecrest DOA

    There is one for my avatar!

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    Re: Beardsley and Pinecrest DOA

    Haha, I could of told you that. Sure must of been a pretty drive though. Thanks for sharing.

    How come no sampling of your killer pics?


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    Fish Re: Beardsley and Pinecrest DOA

    appreciate the update man

    my first post haha
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    Beardsley and Pinecrest DOA

    Title says it all. Road to Beardsley was closed for the season and Pinecrest is an partially frozen hazard. Gotta fish lower elevation if you want water, higher elevation if you want ice. These are in no mans land.



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