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    Re: Kennedy Meadows weekend

    Those were some purty trouts

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    Re: Kennedy Meadows weekend

    Nice report--looks like a great weekend. Baker is a really nice campground. Plan to go back there this year. Love the last photo!!

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    Re: Kennedy Meadows weekend

    Stayed at Baker. By the time we hit Clark Fork the water was getting muddy from those warm rays melting snow on the pass. All those fish were caught and released along the Stanislaus. Some nice waterfalls going on up on the pass too. Pretty sure my daughter out fished me.

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    Re: Kennedy Meadows weekend

    Awesome report! What campground you camped at? Did you fish Clark Fork?
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    Re: Kennedy Meadows weekend

    Let me try that again.

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    Kennedy Meadows weekend

    Little camping trip up 108 with a few photos for fun.
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