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    Re: Jackson meadows trout fishing help

    I know they use crawler with blades as well! we caught 3 fish in minutes from shore on p b! I want go up there myself with the boat over night for sure.Its also good in the fall trolling , seen one guy catch a fish at least 2 feet, long bigger that the ice chest!

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    Re: Jackson meadows trout fishing help

    Yeah I have heard people just going back by the creek where it opens up and doing doughnuts in there toplining rapalas. We fished with power bait, worms and marshmallows from the shore and did pretty good. Good luck!

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    Re: Jackson meadows trout fishing help

    Two weeks ago we caught some really nice rainbows (20+ inches) top lining Rapala HJ-12s in silver flash in the middle fork arm. Beautiful, highly colored fish.

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    Re: Jackson meadows trout fishing help

    I use lead core line,and Needle fish, Fire tiger or Red dot frog,
    have a least 20 to 25 feet of 6 lb. test mono between lead core and Lure
    troll any depth from 2 to 4 colors, as close to shore as possible without snagging

    Good Luck

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    Jackson meadows trout fishing help

    Hi. I'm thinking about fishing jackson meadows for the first time. I will most likely be fishing from a boat. If you have Any tips on setups to use there or what works good and also what general area to fish would be greatly appreciated.



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