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    Re: Best kastmaster color?

    Quote Originally Posted by Empire
    I prefer the smaller ones.
    Must be a Folsom idiosyncrasy. ;D ;D ;D

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    Re: Best kastmaster color?

    Gold has always produced for me, silver/blue is a solid color as well. Was playing wth rainbow pattern and had luck with that one as well.

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    Re: Best kastmaster color?

    Half silver, half blue. I prefer the smaller ones.

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    Re: Best kastmaster color?

    what size/wt lure do you all prefer? 1/8 oz, 1/4 oz or bigger?

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    Re: Best kastmaster color?

    it depends, in resivors that are planted, i use gold when it is overcast (gold catches more light), and on sunny days i will use silver. In Rivers, and wild resivors, i tend to lean towards blue and silver, i dont know why they like it, they just do.

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    Re: Best kastmaster color?

    Funny, in lakes ie:Red Lake/Caples its lime green/silver color, in streams its gold or silver/blue....but I'm a panther martin guy..lol

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    Re: Best kastmaster color?

    to me ,.gold is best .PERIOD!then silver/blue.and the new turquiose/silver a close third.all in 1/4 oz.

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    Re: Best kastmaster color?

    I have all the colors, but for some reason I use the silver and blue. It works and I am old enought that I am set in my ways. If the fish doesn't want silver and blue then I don't want the fish...unless of course it is 5 pounds or better.


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    Re: Best kastmaster color?

    gold/red during overcast and silver on sunny days
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    Re: Best kastmaster color?

    Silver and blue is good for lots of lures...including kastmasters.


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