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    Re: Corn, legal or illegal?

    Mickey thomas just pointed out the important fact about corn fishing and trout. corn may seem tiny in size to us but think of how it would flow thru a trouts digestive system and out for disposal. it aint comin' out!!! sorry if that grosses anyone out. chumming is pretty much illegal in any freshwater, not just corn. besides, tossing out 12oz's of corn wont help you much anyways. If you ask a game warden about corn usage, they are going to tell you not to use it.

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    Re: Corn, legal or illegal?

    Trout can't digest corn, it will kill trout. You can legally use corn for bait but please don't dump your unused corn in the water anywhere. The trout will eat it and die. Just my .02 cents :

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    Re: Corn, legal or illegal?

    Chum, ya mean I can't punch holes in a can of creamed corn and suspend it above my hooks full of corn? [smiley=duh.gif] [smiley=duh.gif]
    Thats what we did back when we lived in Wyo. and S.D. *We always heard it was illegal also but no one could show us a written law. It darn sure caught trout.

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    Re: Corn, legal or illegal?

    Fishing for trout or kokanee is perfectly legal in CA. The only restriction is that you cannot chum with corn.

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    Re: Corn, legal or illegal?

    I didnt know you can use corn for trout I thought it was for carp and pics of carps lately??

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    Re: Corn, legal or illegal?

    Corn is not illegal to use as bait for trout or Kokes (in Cali at least). It is sold at every tackle/bait store that have fetishes for salmonid fishing (Fisherman's Friend in Lodi). Whoever told you it's illegal does'nt know what they are talking about. I grew up in Wyoming, and remember hearing something about it being illegal there, but not in Cali. Just troll a piece of shoepeg on one of the hooks on the lure you are using.

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    Corn, legal or illegal?

    Let’s clear this question up once and for all. I have been trolling for Trout and Kokanee for only about a year now and the first bait I was told to use was Shoepeg corn. Just after I got my boat I took a friend out fishing with me and he said that it was illegal to use corn as bait so I stopped at the bait shop at Shaver and they were selling little canisters of bait corn. I asked the owner of the store if it was legal to use as bait and he said “yes, it is perfectly legal” So, my question is… If it is legal to fish for Kokanee in a lake where there are also Trout, how do you tell the Trout it is illegal for them to bite the corn?

    I have looked through all of the California fish and game regulations and I can’t find anything that says corn is illegal to use as bait for any fish. Is there someone out there who can clear this up once and for all?

    Thanks, Jim




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