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    Re: What color is rainbow trout meat?

    I've caught wild trout with both white and pink meat and the same with planters. I'll cook them up and give'em a taste, if I don't like it the dog eats well.

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    Re: What color is rainbow trout meat?

    Alaska and BC have created a market for those white meated kings over the past 2 years. Fishermen now get a premium for "ivory salmon".

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    Re: What color is rainbow trout meat?

    As a kid, growing up in Butte County, I fished a variety of creeks and small lakes. As I recall, all the Trout we caught had white meat...

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    Re: What color is rainbow trout meat?

    Yeah I may have the unofficial white-meat king salmon gillnet record. In 1983. in Vikoda Bay, Kodiak...I snagged a 95 lb. king in my set gillnet. It was about 5 feet long, and got caught between the web & the leadline on the bottom of the net, near the shore. When I went to the tender that afternoon, they weighed it & told me it was only worth $0.95/lb. instead of $1.90....because it had the white meat. Like I cared after a day of picking the nets!

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    Re: What color is rainbow trout meat?

    Orange meat is the result of gene allowing carotene to be retained in muscle tissue. Requires two things to get orange meat- the right gene and the right diet. Water quality makes no difference. The color of the meat no difference with respect to taste, either. Generally, the more fat in the meat (hatchery pellets are very protein-heavy and not very fatty- I think- The Doc would know better than i would) the better the fish tastes.

    Anyway, about 10% of king salmon do not have the gene and have white meat. Tastes the exact same, but commands less on the market (so you pretty much only see it in chowder in BC and AK). If the rainbows (or any other trout or char) feed on any crustaceans (copepods, crayfish, scuds, etc...), then they get orange meat. In fact, sometimes you will catch fish that are 1/2 + 1/2, when they are changing their primary food source (usually a seasonal thing observed spring or fall).

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    Re: What color is rainbow trout meat?

    got two wild bows over the weekend 13in and a 2 1/2# both had pinkish meat

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    Re: What color is rainbow trout meat?

    Ditto to Empire about smoking planters. The white meat smokes great & takes up whatever flavor your cure imparts. I smoke 'em & then can them in the short, wide-mouthed 1/2 pint glass jars. I can make a perfect imitation Norwegian canned-kippered herring with them. Easy as pie. I have been absolutely raping L.Alpine for smoker loads, to get me & mine through the winter.

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    Re: What color is rainbow trout meat?

    Most likely you caught a holdover planter that's been feeding on the abundant crayfish present in Loch Lomond.

    BTW, I fished Loch Lomond a week ago last wednesday morning for about 3 hours. *We were camping nearby at Henry Cowell and took my son and his friend out on a rented boat. *We trolled crawlers for 2 hours and got several bites, but no hookups. *Then tried bait fishing for an hour around some reeds, but still no luck. *I did see a nice bass caught though. *I think the water has gotten a little too warm now for trout fishing. * * *

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    Re: What color is rainbow trout meat?

    I was informed that those pink flesh trout in Loch Lomond are steelhead hybrids that are occupy the San Lorenzo River system. They resided in those creeks, years before the dam was built. They have nice fighting abilities and do some airborne acrobatics like kokes. The perch are also fun to catch and get pretty big in the central part of the lake. especailly upsteream from the marina to Bass Cove.

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    Re: What color is rainbow trout meat?

    Ditto what FF wrote. The only thing I can add is a freshly planted fish with white meat is very tasty right off the smoker. None of the hatchery food flavor and the meat is quite tender.


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