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    Thunder trout are an artificially selected strain of rainbow trout. There are no genetically engineered trout. The weird ones are just hybrids or the result of artificial selection for natural genetics sports.

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    The thunder trout are cutbows just like Amador Lake. The white mountains in Arizona were one of the first places that I heard of the Tiger trout. Also there are a few strains of brookies....because of genetic engineering...that grow rather quickly. These faster growing brooks have been planted in streams in CA. The hope was that because they grow faster that the streams and lakes would end up with fewer but larger brooks and not the over populated stunted growth, fat head little bodies brookies that populate many streams that do not receive much fishing pressure.


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    Man those fish look nice, I would love to see if my buddy could come up with a good picture of so he could mount one for me.

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    Re: Tiger Trout

    Here's some info from a previous thread.

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    Howdy, I've never heard of any of these? They sound like they will be a lot of fun to catch. Heck, I would think that any trout set up would be the way to go.
    Do they grow larger than the normal rainbows? Down here in the SF bay area some of the eastbay parks were planting a fish called the Thunder Trout a few years back. Boy, when you hooked one they were like hooking a Steelhead, Faster than a speeding bullet, and jump like crazy. I had many of broken lines because of how hard they hit. They took line faster than my poor reels could stand.

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    Tiger Trout

    To the fishermen in California

    I grew up fishing in California, but I'm wet and cold up here in Washington now. The fishing is good up here, but it rains alot.
    Do they plant Tiger Trout in California? I never heard of one till
    a couple years ago, when they started planting them up here.
    For you, who dont know what one is, its a cross breed of german brown and eastern brook. Ive only seen pictures, They havent done any
    plants, on the west side of mountians up here, so I havent caught one yet. Sounds like they grow pretty fast, which is surprising sense eastern brook are one of the slowest growing trout. Any one know what they preffer?



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