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    Re: The proper way to C&R TROUT

    If you can remove the hook without taking the fish out of the water it will have its best chance at survival. And when handeling a fish it is best to get your hands wet because dry hands will reomove the fishes protective slime coating, this is crucial imo.. holding a fish in a towel will probably wipe off enough slime to kill a trout. If the hook is too deep i just cut the line and im pretty sure most hooks break down and dissolve within a couple days..

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    Re: The proper way to C&R TROUT

    "Stay Barbless my Friends"

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    Re: The proper way to C&R TROUT

    I've alway struggled with - how to keep them from flipping/moving and sliding banging against something while you are trying to to hold them to remove hook?

    and, is cutting line and releasing with hook in throat/stomach etc the best approach when hook is lodged deeper on bait? I've always done that.

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    Re: The proper way to C&R TROUT

    always dip your hands in the water before you handle the fish to prevent removing slime and scales.

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    The proper way to C&R TROUT

    I was asked by a good member to open a thread to offer tips on the proper procedure on C&R, based on Trout only here,this thread is for tips only an for those members who have only positive info.to share,if C&R is not for you keep your negative thoughts to yourselves an move on,hopefully this thread will teach many the correct way to C&R Trout an prove as a good learning tool for those interested.Please kept it clean an enjoy.Don


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