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    Re: Camanche trout plants

    NICE! I look forward to some good catching times

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    Re: Camanche trout plants

    My wrong... Camanche will be planting well over 90,000 pounds this year. It looks like they converted a section of Mokelumne Salmon Hatchery to a triploid trout hatchery?

    Found this article:
    These fish are coming from the Mokelumne Fish Hatchery, right in our own backyard. 20,000 lbs of trout will be planted at the end of October, followed by 10,000 lbs each month until May. These plants are funded by the East Bay Municipal Utilities District in cooperation with the California Department of Fish and Game.
    Just to clarify, Lake Camanche will continue to plant trout from the Mt. Lassen hatchery in addition to the 90,000 pounds of trout coming from the Mokelumne Hatchery.

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    Re: Camanche trout plants

    I know that Camanche is going to start planting soon,should be some great fishing this winter.
    When are they going to start.

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    Camanche trout plants

    Looks like Camanche will be planting a record amount of trout this year! (90,000)



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