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Thread: trout pictures

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    Re: trout pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by stefanoflo View Post
    best Brown for me
    Nice hookjaw!

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    Re: trout pictures

    best Brown for me
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    A Life spent fishing, is never wasted.

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    Re: trout pictures

    Non pyramid cutt and a 5lb brown
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    Re: trout pictures

    Cherry Lake Rainbow 3/5

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    Re: trout pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by mojo209 View Post
    Camanche catch

    that's huge trout! at least 6 pounds ?

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    Re: trout pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by Sac/Striper/Slayer View Post
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    the first pic is from opening day on the east fork of the carson river off highway 4 around 15 miles or so south of markleeville. weighed 7 1/2 lbs and was 24" long. the next pics are from the following day on the west fork of the carson near woodfords. the big fish was just barely shy off 14lbs and 23". he was a monster. same length as the fish kept from the day before but twice as big around for sure. caught all on a 4'8" ugly stik with a shimano sahara 2000 series reel with 6lb test rigged with a splitshot and salmon eggs drifting. great fights. the smallest fish in the last pic was decent size and there are a couple of 5 lbers there also and they look tiny!!
    The 2nd picture: looks like that trout had a battered tail, perhaps it was caught and released more than once. Which month was it? Look like summer? I love that area.

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    Re: trout pictures

    Quote Originally Posted by insearchoffish View Post
    Forgot to put this one up before, really cool reflection pic.

    I like the markings on this brown

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    Shadow Cliffs Trout

    My PB from Shadow Cliffs.

    12lb and 28 inches.
    Trolling from my kayak on 2/21/15.
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    Re: trout pictures

    Not a trout, but this estimated 13 inch tui chub is the remains of a meal spit up by a 10.3 lb. Pilot Peak LCT boated in Wizards Cove. The LCT was caught on a 3/4 oz. Bass Pro Flashy Times white and green glow with red spoon, not the quick fish.

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