Go For It 3318

Hot Bites...

1. SACRAMENTO RIVER KINGS… Fresh kings are pushing up the Sacramento. Salmon to 33 lbs have shown recently for anglers working Flatfish early in the day.

2. S.F. BAY SHARKS… Both sevengills and leopard sharks are on the hunt. Anglers are hooking up while soaking midshipmen, sardines and squid globs.

3. FRENCH MEADOWS TROUT… The lake level is down and the trout are concentrated. Bank anglers are hooking limits of rainbows with PowerBait and inflated ‘crawlers.

4. BULLARDS BASS… Topwater action is on tap for anglers working Spooks and poppers early and late. The spotted bass average 2 lbs and range up to 4.

Good Bets...

5. WHISKEYTOWN KOKANEE… Limits of kokanee in the 12 to 14 inch class are coming out of Whiskeytown. Pink lures trolled 50 to 80 feet deep do the damage.

6. BODEGA ROCKFISH… The hardheads are feeding heavily. Shrimp flies are the top producer, but metal jigs and soft plastic swimbaits are working too.

7. UMPQUA KINGS… Kings are holding throughout the lower river. Boaters are doing the best with roe and plugs but bankers are hooking up too.

8. NEW MELONES CATS… Whiskerfish are on the prowl and anglers are hooking them when the light level is low. Sardines, mackerel and live crawfish are top baits.

Sleeper Bites...

9. HALF MOON ROCKFISH… Limits are the rule for rockfish anglers departing from Pillar Point. Swimbaits are producing some fish, but shrimp flies do the heavy lifting.

10. LAKE ALMANOR TROUT… Big rainbows to 5.5 lbs are on a great bite. Anglers are trolling 20 to 25 feet deep with soft plastic smelt imitations.

11. TAHOE MACKINAW… Mackinaw ranging to 12 lbs. are being hooked while trolling. Minnows teamed with dodgers have been working best when worked from 100 to 200 feet down.

12. RYE PATCH CATFISH … Shore anglers are hooking channel cats to 17-1/2 pounds. Carp meat, mackerel and other cut baits are providing the top action.

Coming Soon...

13. SANTA CRUZ TUNAThere is plenty of bait offshore. If the tuna are going to show it should be within the next 4 to 5 weeks.

14. DELTA STRIPERS… The fall striper run should get going the last week of September. Trollers will want to pull Yo-Zuris, while bait guys will score with shad and bullheads.

15. SMITH RIVER KINGS… September should be trophy time for Smith River kings. Both roe and sardine wrapped plugs will draw strikes from fish up and beyond 30 lbs.

16. KLAMATH STEELHEAD… October should be a good month for steelhead. Conventional anglers will score with both roe and back trolled plugs.

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