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"Eastern" Crab Cakes
submitted by: Deborah Alves


Actually this is my 70+ year old Dad's recipe. We were talking the other day (he lives in Michigan) and I told him we had just got back from crabbing in Bodega Bay. Now, my Dad is a seafood lover! So he shared this simple recipe with me, I made it for my husband and me, we loved it, and now I'm sharing it with you. The proportions are approximate (they always are with Dad's recipes).

Getting Ready:

  1. Make some fresh red-potato mashed potatoes. Easy on the milk, you want them on the dry side. Also, the crab cakes are better if you don't whip the potatoes, but rather hand mash, so that you have it a little lumpy.
  2. Chop a small red onion VERY finely.
  3. Clean and pick your crab while the potatoes are boiling so you have the meat ready and cooked.

Here is the approximate part. Mix about half and half potatoes to crab and enough of the chopped onions to look pretty and taste good. I start with less potatoes and kind of sneak up on a consistency that is firm enough to make patties out of. Salt and pepper to taste.

Now for cooking them:

  1. Get out two shallow bowls wide enough to dip your patties into.
  2. Break 1 to 2 eggs into one bowl. Beat the eggs.
  3. Pour some yellow corn meal into the other bowl.
  4. Shape your crab mixture into crab cakes, whatever size you want to eat. We like them a little on the large size.
  5. Heat about an inch of canola or vegetable oil in a large pan. You can also sauté in Pam (left overs in the morning), but they are MUCH better deep fried.

So now you got the crab cakes shaped on one plate, next to that is the eggs beaten, next to that is the corn meal, and next to that is the deep fry pan on the stove. Just like an assembly line, take a crab cake, dip in the egg, dredge it in the corn meal and toss it into the hot oil. Cook until nicely browned on one side, gently flip and do the same on the other side. Remove to paper towels and keep warm until your finished cooking as many as you're going to eat. (Refrigerate any mixture left over for tomorrow)

You can serve this with whatever sauce you want, but we like Knorr's Bearnaise Sauce. It comes in a dry packet, you add butter, stir and voila. It has a little tarragon in it which goes great with the Crab Cakes.

Enjoy, and why not send us YOUR favorite crab recipe! Tis the season!

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