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What do I do with all that fish I just caught? You'll find recipes here about smoking, bbq'ing, baking, sushi'ing, deep for trout, halibut, rockcod, salmon, albacore, shrimp, even bass cheeks! All tested by the FishSniffer staff and rated yummy!

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Rock Fish

Striped Bass
Other Seafood

Fish Nut Casserole
Grilled Albacore & Cucumber Sauce

Bass Cheek Chowder
Black Bass with Cucumber Cabbage Tartar Sauce

Catfish & Hush Puppies
Easy Yummie Catfish

Crappie Fillets with Pesto Sauce

Pan Seared Halibut w/ Sundried Tomato & Pesto Sauce
Halibut Ceviche
Hot Halibut Dip
Halibut, The Poor Man's Lobster
My Favorite Halibut
Fish, Tomato, & Cabbage Casserole
Seafood Curry Chowder
Teriyaki Fish Strips & Chow Mein
Balsamic Filets on Beds of Red Pepper, Onion & Olive
Mom's Halibut Casserole
Szechuan Halibut, Kohlrabi & Shitakes
Fried Halibut Sandwich
Mediterranean Halibut with Eggplant & Olives

Rock Fish
Healthy, Quick & Delicious White Fish
Oriental Rock Cod
Quick, Easy, Delicious Cod
"Jerk" Rockfish
Fish & Chard Pie
Health Crunch Fish Fillets
Easy Tortelloni & Fish Soup
Spaghetti Seafood Strata
Rockfish & White Corn Chowder
Crispy Cheesy Fish
Baked Red Snapper with Chili
Morel Mushrooms, Smoked Oysters & Rock Cod
Baked Fish Scented with Lemon & Bay Leaf

Salmon Strudel
Salmon Pie
Smoked Salmon from '1873'
Campside Salmon Sauce
Indian Candy
Left Over Salmon Cakes
Simple Salmon Brine
Dry Smoked Salmon
BBQ Salmon With Dill & Black Pepper
All About Salmon
"BBS Chefs" Brines
Roasted Spring Salmon & Asparagus
Cold Salmon Mousse
Mark's Smoked Salmon Brine
Fish Marinades
Chez Piggy's Salmon With Citrus Glaze

Fish Olé
Teriyaki Leopard Shark & Oyster Mushrooms
Summer Leopard Shark Recipes

Striped Bass
Fish Tacos
Dijon Striper on a Cabbage Bed
Striped Bass With Snow Peas and Shitakes

Sturgeon with Lotsa Onions
Saucy Mushroom Sturgeon
Dijon Sturgeon with Blue Potatoes
Noodley Newburg Sturgeon
Scrumptious Baked Sturgeon

Trout Tacos
High Sierra Rosemary Trout
Pan Fried Brook Trout
Peppery Fried Trout
Easy To Please Trout Gumbo
Bacon & Tomato Trout With Mustard Lime Sauce
Baked Trout With Cornbread Stuffing
Campfire Trout With Coleslaw
Trout Baked in Coarse Salt

"Eastern" Crab Cakes
Cooking and Cracking Crab
Holiday Dinner Crab Crêpes
Crab and Shrimp Casserole

Other Seafood
Steelhead's BBQ Oysters
Kokoda Ceviche
Simple Shrimp Scampi
Seafood Linguine
Gourmet Clam Chowder
Smoking Fish on the BBQ
Potato Crusted Oysters
Shrimp in the Lime Light
Easy Sushi, Lesson 1
Easy Sushi, Lesson 2
Easy Sushi, Lesson 3
Easy Sushi, Lesson 4
Easy Sushi, Lesson 5
Easy Sushi, Lesson 6
Shrimp Chowder
Squid & Artichokes
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