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Dry Smoked Salmon
submitted by: Fish Sniffer Reader John Simms


Too many years ago to think about, I began trying to smoke my own catches. After trying every recipe I could find along with all the marinades, a friend (truck driver) at my request, stopped at one of the roadside smoke stands in Washington (or) Oregon to see what they did to make some of the best smoked salmon around.

It was really quite simple.

Pat your fillets dry using a paper towel, sprinkle on some table salt (you decide how much) do the same on the other side, and pop it in the smoker.

I've been using the same Little Chief Smoker (by Luhr Jensen) since about 1966.

1-load the rack with your fillets
2-load the chip pan with your choice of chips - hickory, apple, alder, whatever your heart desires,
3-approx every hour, empty the old and add new chips
4-I usually start on a sat or sun morning when there is a good game on the tube and enjoy the day.

Try it you'll like it!

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