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Squid and Artichokes
submitted by: Fish Sniffer Reader Kevin Kawaguchi


I came up with this way to do squid as it tastes a lot like octopus when it's blanched/boiled. This works for the tentacles and tail pieces that have been going overboard.

Boil squid chunks for 3-5 minutes. If overcooked and tough, boil for 20 minutes (it'll become tender again). Slice into bite side salad strips about 1/8 inch thick. Mix with Cara Mia Marinated Artichoke Hearts and let set for 15 minutes. Enjoy. Your favorite marinade could be used.

I've not tried this yet on squid, but here is my teriyaki recipe that is pretty versatile. I think it will be pretty strong for squid so the soaking time should be pretty short.

Teriyaki Sauce
3 Tbsp sugar
2 tsp salt
2 tsp catsup
2 Tbsp soy sauce
4 Tbsp sweet rice wine (Mirin) or cooking sherry
2 cloves diced garlic (or equivalent)

To use as marinade, put all ingredients together and mix until sugar and salt mostly dissolved. Marinate meat (overnight is best for beef and chicken)

To use as a sauce, combine all ingredients in a small sauce pan and heat on medium low heat. Stir constantly until bubbling cannot be stopped with stirring. Let cool and thicken. Tasty as a sauce on BBQ beef or chicken.


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