The Fish Sniffer - 25.4 Lb. Cutthroat Leads Season Catches
25.4 Lb. Cutthroat Leads Season Catches

Written By: David Hurley, March 12, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Pyramid Lake,

  “The numbers are getting better,” said Joe Mendes of Eagle Eye Charters out of Crosby’s Lodge. “And the big fish are still there to be had as Peter Thompson of Reno landed a 25.4-pound Lahontan cutthroat on Wednesday, February 19 for the largest fish taken out of the lake this season.”

The Eagle Eye II captained by John Opio has been averaging in the neighborhood of a dozen fish each outing, and they scored five in the slot from 17 to 24 inches on Sunday, February 23. Opio has been trolling with U20 Flatfish in Bloody Frog or rainbow Apex lures near Warrior in the northern portion of the lake running top lines at a setback from 150 to 200 feet behind the boat with 1.5 or 2-ounce banana weights or at depths from 25 to 35 feet on the downrigger.

George Molino of Cutthroat Charters also found excellent trolling action with two dozen cutthroats to 22 inches using Apex lures in rainbow, Army Truck, or red dot frog at similar setbacks or downrigger depths as Opio.

Molino said, “The fish are biting although the water is still cold at 44 to 48 degrees. We ran five lines on Sunday, and we added a dark spoon and a red Holographic spoon in addition to the Apex lures.”

The first major tournament ended on President’s Weekend, and regular bank fisherman Jeff Morris took 1st place with a 21-pound/9.6-ounce cutthroat, followed by John Eads in 2nd place at 17 pounds/1.6 ounces, and Dave Rials in 3rd at 14 pounds/14.4 ounces.

Rob Anderson of Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing reported, “Nymphing with Red Maholo, Albino Winos, or Copper Tops are all working as well as shooting heads with Olive Martinis or Bloody Marys from the bank.”

The lake level remains low with the lack of runoff. 


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