The Fish Sniffer - A day at Don Pedro with my dad
A day at Don Pedro with my dad

Written By: Gold Country Sport Fishing, June 14, 2014
Species: Kokanee Landlocked Salmon Trout
Location: Don Pedro Reservoir,

A day at Don Pedro with my dad
A day at Don Pedro with my dad A day at Don Pedro with my dad

I had a day off so I decided to take my dad out fishing. We headed to Don Pedro and was soon fishing, i set out four rods fishing for kokanee and within minutes we already were into fish, but it was lost half way to the boat. We finally was able to get fish in the boat and after a few hours, we had eight kokanee in the cooler and we had a few lost fish. I switched everything over to trout to see if we could catch the last couple fish that we needed, I was able to get two rods out and we already had a fish on the first rod that that my dad grabbed that turned out be a three pound king salmon, then shortly after that he brought in a 20 inch rainbow that we let go so we could contiue fishing and after a few more fish we settled on a smaller trout to end our day at noon. Great fishing at Don Pedro give me a call to get into the action! 209 -581-4734

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