The Fish Sniffer - A Jig Produces Big Summer Largemouth
A Jig Produces Big Summer Largemouth

Written By: Dan Bacher, July 9, 2014
Species: Bass
Location: Clear Lake,

Larry Hemphill, fishing guide, reported tough bass fishing on his latest two trips to Clear Lake, with a 9 lb. largemouth proving to be the highlight of the ventures.

“Fishing was slow most of Monday and Tuesday - but there was some excitement,” said Hemphill. “The great news came yesterday when my Monday client called and told me he landed his personal best yesterday - 6 lbs 10 oz - about 4 pm,” said Hemphill. “He caught her on the first rockpile I showed him on Monday. He also caught a 3-1/2 pounder with me.”  

“Yesterday I took another client,” he said. “The bite was simply dead for us. I decided to throw a jig again and I ended up catching a 5+ pounder”

“Then my client landed the token catfish - 8 to 10 lbs, then finally his first Clear Lake bass - about 2 lbs. At 1:30 pm, with the temperature pushing 100 degrees, I showed him a popular stop, and we started to fish,” stated Hemphill.

“I picked up my jig rod and made a few casts while explaining to him the area we were fishing,” he noted.

“I wasn't paying much attention to my jig until something weird was going on. The ‘rock’ was moving, but didn't bite. I set the hook and the rock really moved! I fought the rock for awhile - then handed the rod to the client,” he said.

"We had to use both hands to get her in - all 9+ pounds of her! After quick photos - we got her back in the water and off she went,” Hemphill stated.

The water temperature was 78-86 degrees and the water clarity was 2 to 4 feet.


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