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Amador Fun

Written By: Fishin’ James Guide Service, April 22, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Lake Amador,

Amador Fun

With Berryessa and New Melones not producing well, I took my clients where the fishing is always good this time of year.  Lake Amador.  What was working well for me last week only produced 1 fish.  A purple and pink Shasta Tackle wiggle hoochie. 

Today's bait and presentations:

Trolled 6 rods at 1.5mph

Top lined 200' back a pink micro hoochie behind a small dodger.  Worked best before 10am.  Caught and lost the majority of the fish on top.

On the downrigger

top- used 3" grubs 100' back and 10-15' down.  Only caught 3 on grubs.  Supprising to me.

bottom- used Shasta Tackle pink flamingo wiggle hoochies 50' back and 25-30' down.  Caught the larger fish on these later in the day.

All in all, a fairly successful day.  We boated 16 fish with 6 over 5pounds.  Must have lost at least a dozen more.  And yes, guides make mistakes too.  I knocked a nice one off with the net today/  Totally bummed about that one!!!

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