The Fish Sniffer - Amador with RNP
Amador with RNP

Written By: Forum Member: RideNfish, January 29, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Lake Amador,

Amador with RNP
Amador with RNP Amador with RNP
Amador with RNP Amador with RNP

I am glad that I put out the invite for someone to bank fish with me. RedNeckPunk (Darren) took the bait and met me at Amador Lake at 06:30 I wanted to try an area that a couple of fellow forum buddies told me to try out. RNP and I parked by the spillway and started hiking. Man that water is LOW! Strange to stand up at the spillway and not have water anywhere near there. I haven't been there in two years though so things have changed. We walked for about 10 min or so and decided to try a point we just passed. Saw some fish surfacing so down we went and set up. Would end up being where we spent the first half of the day until RNP had to leave.

We each put a bait rod out but we were really hoping for some lure or wooly action. We were able to get some lure action but unfortunately the bait rods won out. I had my bait rod about 8' out from shore with white PE on it and it didn't get touched for about an hour. I asked Darren what he had on and he said, "white power eggs." Crap... I always want to try something different than others until one of us figures out a pattern. So I reeled in and put orange PEs on. I cast it out but this time about 10 yards to my left but still very close to shore. I set my rod in the holder and as I was messing with getting it set up the line starts pulling. Fish on! Landed the first fish of the day at about 07:50. So I cast it out again AND NO BULL exact same thing. Rod in holder, getting it set up with strike indicator and never got that far. Fish on again. Ok, two are now landed. Set it back out and this time got the rod set up turned my back and yep, you guessed it, fish on. haha Three in a row. Nothing huge but just nice fat fish.

I told Darren to put his r̶o̶d̶ er... fishing pole next to mine. He held fast to his spot and not long later hooks up with his first fish. I believe this was after he switched to the orange PEs as well.

We or should I say "I" continued to catch fish here and there off the bait rod. But what was real weird is how many fish took the bait and when you got over to the rod you would feel the fish for a sec then gone. Like you were pulling the egg right out of there mouth. This of course happens sometimes buy I have never had this many hits with misses. I had to miss around 8 or 10 I don't know. Darren missed a couple too but he "COUGH cough" wasn't getting as many bites.

The entire time we were throwing lures of all types, wooly buggers, jigs, etc. I did catch one on a jig and got three fish on a purple pistol pete wooly but then it broke off at shore in the fishes mouth. If anyone catches a fish with a purple pete I'll give you a dollar for it. haha So at least later in the day we were able to get some lure type action. Darren got a couple on a firetiger Kastmaster and I did get one on a blue/silver KM. Ask Darren about not letting me help remove a hook from a fish. I totally bent up beyond repair his Kastmaster treble. haha Wish I had a pic.

Darren had to leave and pick up the kiddies from school and I fished for another 45 minutes between the spillway and dam for two more on a olive/black wooly bugger.

I ended the day with 15 fish and I think Darren was 4. Just luck of the bait rod I guess.

Was really nice finally getting to meet RNP after seeing his post for so long. Thanks for joining me Darren and I hope we can chase some striper this spring. We should also do a motorcycle fish trip in the summer to a high mountain stream somewhere.

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