The Fish Sniffer - Anglers Hoping For Rain To Prod Sturgeon
Anglers Hoping For Rain To Prod Sturgeon

Written By: Dan Bacher, January 25, 2014
Species: Sturgeon Stripers
Location: Sacramento River- Middle,

Fishing pressure for striped bass and sturgeon is very light in the Sacramento River in the metropolitan area. Anglers are hoping for a good rain to muddy up the water, raise the river and prod the sturgeon to move upriver to spawn.

“A lot of guys are coming in to buy ghost shrimp and lamprey eel to fish for sturgeon, but I’m not hearing many reports about how they did,” said Mel Gillette at Elkhorn Outdoor Sports. “One angler did report hooking several sturgeon in the Clarksburg area, including releasing a 74 inch green sturgeon.”

“The striped bass bite in Port of Sacramento has been dead for the past five days,” reported Bud Pratt at Sacramento Pro Tackle. Before the slowdown, bank anglers were nailing striped bass while tossing out jumbo minnows. Boaters were jigging with Blader Runner Duh Jigs, trolling with Bombers and Yo-Zuri Pins Minnows and drifting jumbo minnows.

“Fishing has been slow in the Sacramento area,” said James Hill of Broadway Bait Rod & Gun. “I’ve heard of few stripers caught on bait and lures in the Port of Sacramento.”

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