The Fish Sniffer - Anglers Nail Striper Limits On Sacramento
Anglers Nail Striper Limits On Sacramento

Written By: Dan Bacher, May 9, 2014
Species: Stripers
Location: Sacramento River- Middle,

Striped bass fishing continues to be superb on the Sacramento River from Knights Landing to Colusa, according to Scott Feist of Feisty Fish Guide Service.

For example, a trip by Brian Tahara owner of Sutter Marine in Yuba City, his son, Junior, and Eric, the mechanic, with Feist on Sunday, May 4 produced full limits of striped bass by 8:30 am.

“The fish averaged 5 to 10 pounds, a solid 25 to 30 inches long,” said Feist. “While we caught our fish above and below Tisdale, the fish are spread throughout the system. We’ve been drifting jumbo minnows every day.”

Rob Reimers of Rustic Rob’s Guide Service reported limit-style striper action also out of Tisdale. “We ended up with 3 limits of stripers on Saturday, May 3 and 2 limits of stripers on Sunday, May 4. Our largest fish weighed 7 pounds,” said Reimers. 

Manuel Saldana, Jr., of MSJ Guide Service also reported striper success on his most recent guided trip on the Sacramento.

“Today I hosted Jordan Sr and Jordan Jr from Chico,” said Saldana. “We started the day casting 5″ AA  shad tail swim baits to the rock walls for a few bites, but no hook ups. We then switched to live bait  and hooked a shaker. Later in the day we switched back to the 5″ AA swim baits and we hooked four stripers to 7 pounds back to back, landing three.”



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