The Fish Sniffer - Anglers Target Trout, Bass And Wipers
Anglers Target Trout, Bass And Wipers

Written By: Dan Bacher, May 25, 2014
Species: Bass Landlocked Stripers Trout
Location: Wildhorse Lake,

Fishing has been good for trout and fair to good for bass and wipers at Wild Horse, though it isn’t getting much visitation. Luckily shore fishing has been good, because the State Park isn’t recommending that people launch boats at this time.

“The edges around the water are soft and the boat ramps are way out of the water,” said Joe Doucette of the Nevada Department of Wildlife. “Most anglers are having luck with plain old garden hackle, though others are using PowerBait and lures. Fly rodders have had success with buggers, hare’s ears, leech patterns and chironomids.”

Some black bass are being caught and wipers have been hit or miss, on some days anglers hitting a school and catching quite a few, while on other days getting skunked.

The fish cleaning station is open. Anglers should be aware that if they are going to try to launch a boat, that they must get it inspected at the AIS station at the state park headquarters. This goes for boats being launched anywhere on the lake.

If you are just going to the inspection station, but not using the park, you will not be charged an entrance fee. At some point, the inspection station will move to the entrance of the park right off of the highway.

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