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Anglers Working Hard For Trout

Written By: Dan Bacher, February 11, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Wildhorse Lake,

As the ice continues to grow, fishing has slowed a bit here. There is approximately thirteen plus inches of hard clear ice with a crust on top to make travel easy.

“Anglers are having to work a bit harder to catch a limit of 15 to 18 inch trout now,” reported Joe Doucette of the Nevada Department of Wildllife. “Most trout are being caught in six to ten feet of water with the presentation placed about halfway to the bottom.”

With the thicker ice, anglers should start branching out and finding areas that haven’t been fished and may have better success, he advised. Fishing did slow a bit off of the State Park, but the rock face south of the boat ramp did provide some nice fish to anglers who moved into that area. Coves and the arms also provided better fishing than the middle of the lake.

“Bait doesn’t always matter, but the most popular are PowerBait, worms, marshmallows and small grubs tipped with one of the previously mentioned baits,” he noted. “The State Park has cleared a parking area right next to the ice so you don’t have to walk too far from your vehicle to start ice fishing.”

There has been no word on any yellow perch being caught, but expect to find them in much deeper water, generally more than 20 feet deep. “Fish right on the bottom with a small brightly colored jig tipped with a mealworm, wax worm or piece of nightcrawler,” said Doucette.


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