The Fish Sniffer - Bait Fishermen Do Best on Trout At Bridgeport
Bait Fishermen Do Best on Trout At Bridgeport

Written By: Dan Bacher, August 4, 2014
Species: Trout
Location: Bridgeport Reservoir, Walker River- East, Twin Lakes, June Lake, Silver Lake, Owens River- Lower,

(Bridgeport) The trolling on Bridgeport Reservoir has gotten a bit tough this past week but the bait fishing and fly fishing are still going strong, disclosed Jim Reid of Ken’s Sporting Goods

“The trollers finding success are trolling slow with blades and crawlers, Needlefish and small Rapalas,” he noted. “Bait anglers are catching fish with inflated crawlers, Power Eggs, Mice Tails and some PowerBait. Fly anglers are doing the best with small damsel patterns and also with callibaetis, soft hackles, zebra midges and rojo midges.”

The East Walker River is running at 69 cfs. “The brown fishing is still ok down below the bridge and even better on the Nevada side of the border,” said Reid. “Dry/dropper rigs have been doing the best lately. Good patterns include hoppers, chubby chernobyls, madam-x's and stimulators on top with soft hackles, buckskin caddis, fox's poopah, 3 wire caddis, flashback emerger, dark lord, pheasant tail, micro mayfly or rainbow warrior on the bottom.”

“The Virginias are still fishing well and there's been some nice 3 and 4 pounders caught up there as well. Bait anglers are going with power bait, crawlers and mice tails, lure anglers are having success with Jakes, Thomas Buoyant and Kastmasters.”

Upper and Lower Twin Lakes are still producing some rainbows up to 5 pounds from the shore and boats. “Shore anglers are using Mice Tails, PowerBait and inflated crawlers, while fly anglers are using matukas, seal buggers, soft hackles, wooly buggers, zug bugs and pheasant tails. Trollers are going with Rapalas, Neeedlefish, blades/crawlers and Thomas Buoyants,” said Reid.

June, Gull. Silver, and Grant Lakes are being stocked weekly and producing good trout action early and late in the day. Bait anglers are using Power Bait or nightcrawlers, while trollers are employing Tasmanian Devils and Needlefish. Taylor Cornelius landed 3 lb. 11 ounce rainbow at Gull Lake while tossing out a Mouse Tail, on Saturday, July 26, according to Jeremy Ross at Ernie’s Sporting Goods in June Lake. 

Crowley Lake water temperature is 68° F (on the bottom) uniformly almost everywhere that is at a fishable depth. “Algae is becoming a problem in many places,” according to the Trout Fly.

“Big and Little Hilton continue to have some fish and up against the weed line in McGee has some fish as well, but no real concentration,” the report stated. “The super high water temperatures have the bulk of the fish at depths of 35 to 40 ft. Bright red larvae patterns and Albino Barons the best before 9am. Go to red/black later and maybe gray/black midday.”

On the lower Owens River, the browns have been eager to take nymphs, according to Brock’s Sporting Goods in Bishop. Some flies to try would be black or olive tiger midges 16-18, flashback pheasant tails 16-18, micro mayfly 16-18 and black or olive wd-40′s 18-20.  

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