The Fish Sniffer - Bait Fishing Success For Stripers Rises With Water Temperatures
Bait Fishing Success For Stripers Rises With Water Temperatures

Written By: Roland Aspiras, March 12, 2014
Species: Stripers Sturgeon
Location: Sacramento River- Middle, Sacramento River- Delta,

Increasing water temperatures and mild delta breezes have aided anglers in their search for striped bass this week, with quantity prevailing over quality.

Bites were consistent on a recent bait fishing outing in Collinsville for Craig Kamikawa, assistant manager at Fisherman's Warehouse in Sacramento.

"Our goal was just to get out for a couple hours, but as soon as we got the first rod out, we already had a fish on," he said. "My niece and nephew limited early, and my uncle and I had a hard time keeping the rods in the water."

Sardines were the top bait for Kamikawa, but bullheads also worked. "We had two good takes on the bullheads, one came unbuttoned midway through the fight and another hookup ended with a straightened hook."

On the sturgeon front, Kamikawa continued to recommend the Mothball Fleet, where shallow water fishing resulted in good action.

"Go south if you can. There’s fish around Rio Vista, but they're a little scattered," he related.


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