The Fish Sniffer - Bankers And Boaters Bag Fall Trout
Bankers And Boaters Bag Fall Trout

Written By: Danny Lloyd, December 5, 2013
Species: Trout
Location: Rollins Reservoir, Scotts Flat Reservoir,

Trout action is off to a good start both Rollins and Scotts Flat Reservoirs and things should continue to improve right on through the New Year, provided heavy rains don't muddy the water.

“I hit Rollins Lake twice over the past week and got near limits of trout both times. My friend Jesse also went to Scotts Flat and did well over there," related Jordan Harvey of Colfax.

"At Rollins I've been bank fishing from the Orchard Springs Camp Ground access. Most of the fish have been around 11 to 14 inches with one near 20 inches," related Harvey

"The big one took a chartreuse Fire Bait offering below a sliding sinker rig. Everything else came on orange or pellet brown Pautzke Fire Bait. Im fishing the points with a 12" to 24" leader, many times I am not casting further than 20' from the bank," shared Harvey on Rollins.

Forum member Kirby Desha of Lincoln recently visited Scotts Flat and managed one beautiful brown that fell to a gold Speedy Shiner/dodger combo. If you want to read his story and others from our readers, be sure to check out our forums @

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