The Fish Sniffer - Bass Action Tapers Off
Bass Action Tapers Off

Written By: Dan Bacher, June 9, 2014
Species: Bass Catfish
Location: Clear Lake,

Larry Hemphill, fishing guide, reported very tough bass fishing on his latest fishing adeventure at Clear Lake.

“I think I was reminded of what post-spawn is about - at least on my latest trip,” said Hemphill. “I took 2 fellows out - showing them how to fish the lake and - unfortunately - how slow the bite can be.”

“What a difference in 4 days – there was big weed growth and ugly looking water – a big algae bloom,” he stated. “I’m not sure if that shut the bite down - but something did! We caught and released two smaller bass only, 1-1/2 and 2 1/4 pounders, caught on Yamamoto Flappin' hogs. They wanted to start at 7:30 am; earlier might have been better.”

 “Things will be up and down for the next week or two,” Hemphill reported. “The post spawn bite should get going about the first or second week of June. It should be a weedy summer.”

The water temperature was 66-70 degrees and the water clarity was stained, 2 to 4 foot visibility.



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