The Fish Sniffer - Bass Bite Gets Tougher
Bass Bite Gets Tougher

Written By: Dan Bacher, February 6, 2014
Species: Bass
Location: Clear Lake,

Fishing was tough, at least in the lower lake, on the latest trip by Larry Hemphill, fishing guide, to Clear Lake.

“Mike and I fished for a little over 5 hours - from 4 pm 'til a little after 9 pm,” said Hemphill. “I had 2 giant bites - yea - all of 3-1/2 and 2-3/4 lbs - after dark. Hey, at least I boated both of my bites!! Mike is still recovering from his recent 11.35 bass - hasn't had a bite in awhile.”

“Mine were caught on black/blue hog-type baits in about 15 feet of water,” he noted. “I saw very little bait and few fish on the meter anywhere, at least yesterday - they weren't on the bank anywhere.”

“I will end with the conditions - the warmest January night I have ever seen at Clear Lake - and the full moon rise at dusk was nothing short of stunning,” he stated. “The problem is: too many sun and moon rises - how about rain clouds!”

The water temperature this time of year might inch up on the surface, but after dark is returns to 46-49 degrees. Starting in February, the warm sun will mean something as the rays begin to penetrate deeper and fish will start moving more shallow - especially up north. They might not have far to go this year.

The water temperature was clear, with a 4 to 6 foot visibility.

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