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Bass Fishermen Tough It Out

Written By: Dan Bacher, September 2, 2014
Species: Bass
Location: Clear Lake,

(Clearlake) Larry Hemphill, fishing guide, reported a slow largemouth bass bite at Clear Lake.

“I took 3 young men from 5pm to 1 am - out of Red Bud – and fished up to Henderson,” said Hemphill. “The word must be out – there were very few bass boats. I ran into a few guys fishing a club tourney out of Marysville and saw one of my friends land a 4 pounder at dusk” 

“We also got into a minor bite at dusk with one guy landing two in the 3 to 3-1/2 lb range,” said Hemphill. “We landed a few small ones also.”

At dark, out came the night gear for their first night fishing experience. The "downer" of the trip happened about 11 pm as one of the guys lost a big bass as it got close to the boat.  

“Henderson Point was deserted, so we fished there in some shadows,” he ntoed. “Another guy did finally land a nice 4 lb+ bass about midnight - probably hooked in about 20 feet of water. A few more missed bites and one more nice one in the boat before heading back.”

Obviously - during most of the 24-hour day - the bass and bait are off the bank except for very short periods and an occasional stray shallow bass. The Silversides didn't even show up 'til about midnight.

“We used mostly Berkley Havoc baits and 10 inch Power Worms,” stated Hemphill. “The worms attracted the bigger bass, including the big one that was lost. All bass hooked were on some type of ledge leading to deep water - even the little ones!”

The water temperature was 79-86 degrees and the water clarity was 2-4 feet visibility.

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